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Make a Music Video

With Miss Jenny

Description for Adult Supervisor:

You will need to stick around to be camera person and director for this one. Use your phones to record a few simple pieces that First Position will edit together to make an amazing music video for our campers. Full instructions are within the video and written steps below. For those who have not been taking part in the video challenges, there is still away for your child to be involved without having their face on screen, so we hope you still join in!

Video Length - 13 mins + your filming time.

Class Video

Filming Instructions


Class Music

Click on the arrow to play music.

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Steps to Film:

*1) Show us your art! Start with your camp art close up the camera then skip, groove, dance backwards into the shot.

(Remember to cover your face if you don't want to appear on screen!)

2) Grab your prop trombone and groove and dance with it for about 5 seconds.


3) Show us your skills with a big kick, a big jump, OR BOTH.

*4) Choreo time:-

     4x wave above head

     2x pick the apples

     1x big shimmy hands towards the 'audience'.

     5x quick claps with a pose

(If you don't want to appear on camera, face the back and dance!)

5) Big energetic wave towards the camera

6) Send us your video file. If it's too large for the website upload option on this page you can google drive, dropbox share, wetransfer or email it. Whatever is easiest for you! 

Things to remember:

 - It's okay to talk and call out instructions

 - Things can be repeated if you make mistakes

 - No need to rush. You've got the whole month!

-  You can email questions to

 - Parents can join in too

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