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Dance History #1

With Miss Jenny

Description for Adult Supervisor:

An age appropriate story about the history of Josephine Baker followed by an optional video challenge and a quiz.

PLEASE NOTE: Josephine's story briefly covers the topic of race.

Video Length - 9.5 mins / Video Challenge - 5 mins approx. / Quiz - 3 mins approx

Optional Video Challenge:

After the story,use the music link below and film/take a photo of your best Josephine Baker moves and then send them to us so we can cheer you on!


After the video, test your new knowledge with our quick and easy quiz. Answer the questions then hit submit. PLEASE NOTE the quiz will work better on a larger screen.

Class Video

Video Challenge

Click on the arrow to play music.

Josephine Baker.jpg

Charleston Music

You can also email your photos/videos to

If you liked the book - you can find it HERE.

Please note: We are not being asked to promote this book but would like to credit the authors. 

Thank you!

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