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Dancing with Nature

With Miss Megan

Description for Adult Supervisor:

A class designed to explore the elements of dance inspired by nature. Miss Megan uses elements of contemporary dance in this class as a new genre for students to explore. 

Video Length - 27 Mins / Choreography Activity - 10mins

Choreography Activity:

Under the video you will find a PDF that you can print at home OR use the example on the page to make your own  choreography map. You will need this mid way through the video as Miss Megan teaches YOU how to be a choreographer and invent your own dance moves!

Feel free to send us videos of your own choreography so we can cheer you on.

Class Video

Thank you!

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Choreography Activity

Click on the image below to print out your own map or grab a sheet of plain paper and make your own. Want to send us a video of your own choreography? Use the upload button to show us your moves!

Choreo Sheet.jpg
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