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(Ages 7+)

Dear Parents, 


Welcome to our Archive Dance Classes.  Click on an image below to enter each virtual classroom. At the top of each page you will find a brief description including instructions along with your video lesson. Videos range from 5 minutes to 30 minutes and can be done in any order, however for the best variety we suggest the order you find them.

The classes will remain active until the end of lockdown so you can either do all the videos in a couple of days, spread them out over a couple of weeks or repeat any that you enjoy.

Before you start dancing please read our community reminders:

  • By logging in and watching these videos, you are taking responsibility to provide a safe space for you or your child/student to dance at home. Avoid tipping hazards, choke hazards, stay hydrated and be conscious of your health and surroundings. 

  • Due to copy-write reasons, do not download or share any of the video content.

  • This section of our website is password protected, please do not share the password unless permission has been given by the studio.

  • We are making these videos in a conscious effort to adapt and help keep our community healthy. Social distancing and self isolation doesn't mean you can't make the most of time with the family. We'd love to see videos and photos of you doing your part. Post yourselves dancing and tag @fpdance.portcredit on insta or facebook. 

Watching on a Phone? This content will work better on a computer or larger screen like a tablet. 


**Parents of our young students (ages 6 and under). We strongly recommend you supervise while students dance.  BETTER YET, JOIN IN! We want to create our usual safe and fun environment even if it's outside of the usual classroom.


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Please note, class times are approximate

Junior Camp Classes

Wake Up Warm Up

5 mins

jun ballet.png

Ballet Combo

13 mins


Jazz Funk

18 mins



17 mins


Dancing with Nature

30 mins


Intro to Tap



Dancing with Emotions

15 mins



20 mins

Even More

Below are a mix of mini exercises and some repetitions of the classes above - ENJOY!