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Story Time

With Miss Jenny

Description for Adult Supervisor:

An age appropriate story inspired by dance followed by an optional photo challenge.

Video Length - 7 mins / Photo Challenge - 6 mins approx.

Optional Photo Challenge:

After the story, using clothes and items found in your home, dancers are asked to dress up as a character from the book (see photos below), dance to a piece of music that makes them happy (music options below) then you can submit a photo or video to us.

Class Video

If you liked the book - you can find it HERE.

Please note: We are not being asked to promote this book but would like to credit the authors. 

Photo Challenge

Click on an arrow to play music.

Warthogs Waltzing

Waltz Music


Rock and Roll Music


ChaCha Music


Tango Music


Happy Music

You can also email your photos/videos to

Thank you!

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