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We are still a new studio and couldn't be more grateful to our Mississauga community for their support in our growth.

Our Goals

We love our shared space at Cawthra Park but as we grow, we'd love to find our own space with features and amenities designed specifically for dance. Mirrors, Marley Floor, Fixed Barres etc. All of this comes at a price and we will work as hard as we can to reach our goals. 

How to help?

Word of mouth, coming to class and spreading the joy of dance. We will also promise to give back to the community where we can. Offering class prizes in local events, scholarships for lower income families, donating shoes and uniforms when needed and arranging volunteer groups with our students.

If you know of a way to help, you can email or donate to our studio using the PayPal link below. 

Thank you for helping our family grow!

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