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Items for Dance Class - August 2021

Is your Dance Bag Ready?

For many of you, soon it will be time to come to your first dance class so here's a simple list of things to make sure you have in your bag. What do you always bring to class? Comment below.

1) Water If you're working hard in class, you'll be getting in a good workout and it's really important to stay hydrated. Many people ask about sugary drinks or electrolytes, and while they offer short bursts of energy, water is best for the whole body and mind. Plus, cola stains down the front of your leotard is never a good look.

2) The Right Shoes It's not just about how you look - it's for your safety. The right fitting pair of dance shoes will help you avoid slips, trips, blisters and other injuries. Dancing in just socks for class is also a no-go for us. Sure, you might be able to squeeze out an extra pirouette but we like to teach technique first and tricks later. We also recommend a spare pair of tights, leotard, leggings etc - accidents happen so it's best to be prepared.

3) Hair Ties There's nothing more distracting than long hair covering your face while you're trying to dance. A bun for ballet or a clean pony tail for jazz will make you look more professional and it will also help you with turns, leaps and proper dance lines. Hair pulled back from the face will also help you stay cool in those hour long dance classes. Hairspray and bobby pins will win you bonus points too. Short hair? A secure sports head band and hair clips will do the trick too.

4) Note Pad and Pen This is more for our dancers ages 7+, but it's a great way to memorise terminology, choreography and corrections. Sometimes a dance teacher will ask you to practise a certain step at home, or commit to an at home stretch routine and it's great to have that written down.

5) Personal Itmes Let’s face it, putting on some great music and dancing is always a good time. Whether at a wedding, a solo dance party when no-ones’s watching, or up on a stage with an audience going wild, dance is a great way to feel good about ourselves.

5) Personal Items These items will change based on age/student, but may include.....

  • Medication (labelled clearly and communicated with your teacher)

  • Spare undies (Especially Ages 4 and under)

  • Sanitary Items

  • Deodorant

  • Healthy snacks

  • Band Aids

  • Covid Items (Masks, sanitizer etc)

Are you ready for your first class?

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