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Reasons to Dance - August 2021

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

5 Reason to Join a Dance Class

Why Dance?

Choosing an extra curricular activity for your child (or yourself) can be an overwhelming and tiring process. Between back to school planning, keeping your summer busy and active, and finding time for yourself we understand that registering for extra classes might not be at the top of your list. To keep it simple, here are our top 5 reasons for joining a dance class.

1) Social time Yes, our kids easily make friends at school, but there’s something different about the friends we make who already have a common interest. Having dance and the positive experience of a class bring children together is so special. Guaranteed after a few weeks, your kids will want after class play dates, sleepovers and more fun beyond the studio walls.

Why us? Although, we’re keeping class sizes small this term (2021-2022), we will still be encouraging our students to socialize safely and after the year we’ve just had - they need it more than ever.

2) Follow the Leader For little ones who haven’t started school yet, or those that don’t go to daycare, spending time with another adult they trust outside of their family can set amazing foundational tools for school. Studios don’t just teach dance, they teach listening skills, how to be safe while having fun and how to communicate with others.

Why us? Miss Jenny has over 15 years teaching, performing and choreography experience and has made this studio her passion. She cares about every student that comes in the door and understands that everyone learns differently. As a new Mum, she also understands how important these early years are and strives to be a positive influence in the young dancers journeys.

3) Exercise We don’t need to tell you the benefits of exercise, and they are just part of the game when it comes to dance. Build stamina, learn how to positively use excess energy, and build strong muscles to set you up for a lifetime of good health.

Why Us? At our studio, it goes beyond exercise. We promote a fully positive environment including body image, confidence and encouragement from your classmates. We don’t put any pressure on our dancers to look a certain way, as long as you feel great and leave class feeling proud, then we’re doing our job.

4) Freedom to be Yourself Dance is an art, but for many it’s also a lifestyle. Coming to the studio should be like coming to a safe space, or another home away from home where you can create and express yourself.

Why Us? It’s important to our studio that we create an environment where everyone can be themselves and discover who they are as they grow up. No judgement, no competition, just personal growth through the art of dance.

5) Fun and Self Confidence Let’s face it, putting on some great music and dancing is always a good time. Whether at a wedding, a solo dance party when no-ones’s watching, or up on a stage with an audience going wild, dance is a great way to feel good about ourselves.

Why us? Whether you’re coming to us as a hobby, for your health, or to pursue a career in dance, we will always make it fun. Yes, dance is hard work too, but hard work can still be enjoyable, we promise!

Are you ready to join our dance family?

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